Participate in the #MyEnsor challenge on TikTok and win a stay in Ostend!

Create a TikTok with your own version of a mask and share with #MyEnsor.

Very soon now James Ensor will return home to Ostend, when the renovation of his house in the Vlaanderenstraat is completed and a brand new experience centre opens next door to it. From this Summer on, in the renovated James Ensor House, you can discover all there is to know about the works and life of this Ostend painter.

La Casa James Ensor
Create your own Ensor mask
Show your creation and dance moves on TikTok
Share it with the hashtag #MyEnsor
Win a trip to Ostend

But what’s your Ensor?

To look ahead to the opening of the brand new James Ensor house, we launched the #MyEnsor challenge. The Antwerp musician Glints wrote the song "My Ensor (Colours)" especially for that purpose. You can show yourself on that brand new song. Because your video is a call to show your true face! Take off your mask and show who you really are.

Show your true face 
Paint your true colours
‘Cause that masks depicts what’s hidden underneath the covers
World’s a big stage
Life is your play
Show me your Ensor / take it off / don’t let it go to waste

My Ensor (Colours) - Glints

Challenge accepted?

Create a mask that you put on and take off in an environment where you can and dare to be yourself. Show your creation using an original TikTok on the Glints song and use the hashtag #MyEnsor. Reveal your mask or show the transformation with a self-developed dance or special move.

How to make your mask?

  • With transparent tights and make-up
  • With paper or paper mache
  • With plaster or any other material
  • By painting your own hand and holding it in front of your face...

The possibilities are endless. Above all, remember: be creative and be yourself! After all, the mask is there for revealing your true face.

PS. Don't forget to wash your hands before touching your face. Safety first! ;-)

Win a trip to the city of Ensor

If you come up with an original #MyEnsor TikTok, you might win a trip to Ostend, the city where James Ensor lived and worked!

The prize includes a duo-ticket to the City by the Sea, including travel costs from your home country, a 2-night stay in a hotel and an entrance ticket to visit The James Ensor House. This travel pass is valid until 31/12/2021.


Ito ang MyEnsor. Alisin ang iyong maskara at ipakita sa mundo ang iyong tunay na mukha🎭

♬ My Ensor (Colours) - Glints

Contest Rules

  • Post a TikTok with your own version of a mask, on the song "My Ensor (Colours)" by Glints.
  • Use #MyEnsor in your TikTok description.
  • Participation is possible until June 30, 2020 at 11 p.m.
  • The jury (Visit Flanders, Bowling / Creator Network, Toerisme Oostende vzw) selects 3 winners based on the originality of the video.
  • The winners will be personally contacted via TikTok. You can discover them after the date of June 30, 2020 on

James Ensor grew up in Ostend and saw the city develop from a fishing village into a real jewel of the Belle Epoque. Ensor was a true rebel. He was not afraid to be in the picture with his controversial art and he could easily be on the cover of any magazine today.

By painting his masks, he criticized the political, military and religious functioning of society. Moreover, Ensor wanted to indicate that we often wear a mask so we can fit in. Or that we identify ourselves with our own mask and start to behave accordingly.

Ensor was a true rebel. He was not afraid to be in the picture with his controversial art and he could easily be on the cover of any magazine today.

Discover Ensor in Ostend and visit the renewed James Ensor House

The James Ensor House

You can only understand James Ensor and his art if you visit Ostend The house where he worked and lived from 1917 until his death has been preserved in its original state, so you can still visit it today.


Admire the masterpieces of these two Ostend painters in the dedicated Ensor and Spilliaert wing. What’s more, all the Ensors of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, which is currently undergoing restoration, will be on show at Mu.ZEE for one year. 

Ensor walk

Download the app and take the brand-new Ensor-themed walk to visit all the locations that were significant to the life and work of James Ensor. You will be given information and will be able to see things for yourself at each of these places, using the latest high-tech. Young and older Ensor fans will love this walk.

Your starting point to discover Ensor is of course in the Vlaanderenstraat in Ostend (because that's where The James Ensor House is!). But did you know that besides Vlaanderenstraat you can also admire his work elsewhere in Flanders?

For more Ensor in the region, go to