Contest rules

Article 1: Organization

1.1 VISITFLANDERS is an internally independent agency with legal personality of the Flemish Community, with registered office at 1000 Brussels, Grasmarkt 61. For more information about VISITFLANDERS, go to

1.2 VISITFLANDERS, in collaboration with Toerisme Oostende vzw, organizes, via the website and social media app TikTok, the contest "#MyEnsor on TikTok" without any purchase obligation and in the context of promoting James Ensor and Ostend.

1.3 These contest rules can be consulted at any time on the website

Article 2: Participation

2.1 Any natural person may participate in this competition. Minors always have the permission of their parent(s) or guardian(s).

2.2 Staff members of VISITFLANDERS, their family members up to the second degree, as well as family members and family members living with such staff, cannot participate in this competition. If these persons do participate in the competition, they are automatically excluded from further participation in the competition and, if applicable, they automatically lose the prize won, without compensation and without any recourse for the excluded participant.

2.3 Each participant can only participate once. In case of multiple entries, only the last entry applies.

2.4 Each participation implies the integral and unconditional acceptance of these contest rules. The contest rules form a binding agreement between the participant and VISITFLANDERS.

2.5 The participants are fully responsible for any costs associated with their participation. VISITFLANDERS cannot in any way intervene in costs incurred by the participant in connection with participation in this competition.

Article 3: Course of the contest

3.1 The contest runs from May 15, 2020 to June 30, 2020 at 11 p.m. via the social media app TikTok. Late entries will not be taken into account.

3.2 Participants with a valid TikTok account can participate by:

  • creating their own Ensor mask,
  • consequently filming this mask with dance moves on the song "My Ensor (Colours)" by Glints, and
  • sharing the video on the social media app TikTok via the hashtag "#MyEnsor".

3.3 The decision on the winners will be made in July 2020. The entries will be judged based on originality and creativity by a jury consisting of VISITFLANDERS,Toerisme Oostende vzw and Bowling / Creative Network. The top three entries will receive the prize (see Article 4).

3.4 VISITFLANDERS will inform the winners via the website and the social media app TikTok.

3.5 All decisions made by VISITFLANDERS are indisputable.

Article 4: The prize

4.1 The prize consists of a city trip for two people to Ostend, from any country in the world, including transport and travel costs, two nights with breakfast in a hotel in Ostend and two entrance tickets for The James Ensor House in Ostend. The price is valid until December 31, 2021.

4.2 It goes without saying that the age limits for travel in the countries in question must be adhered to, ie whether or not the person who wins the trip must choose an adult as the second travel partner (minor accompanied by an adult).

4.3 The prize has a personal character, is indivisible, non-transferable and must be accepted as awarded. Under no circumstances can the prize received be substituted or replaced by alternatives. The prize cannot be combined or combined with other promotions and benefits and does not give rise to points and / or vouchers.

Article 5: Disqualification, suspension, cancellation

5.1 Any violation of these contest rules or any fraud will lead to the disqualification of the participant. VISITFLANDERS may disqualify a participant for clear and reasonably well-founded suspicions of infringement of these contest rules.

5.2 The participants who are disqualified will be immediately and permanently excluded and may no longer participate in the contest or any future contests. In all these cases, the decisions of VISITFLANDERS will be final and no appeal is possible.

5.3 VISITFLANDERS reserves the right to shorten, suspend, change or cancel the competition in the event of any reason independent of its will or in case of force majeure where continuation of the competition has become impossible in accordance with current contest rules, including in the event of malfunctioning of the Internet or any other problem related to the telecommunication networks, the computers or servers, Internet providers, IT systems or computer programmes.

5.4 VISITFLANDERS furthermore reserves the right to shorten, suspend or extend the competition or to change the conditions of participation, the prizes or any other modality thereof at any time and at its own discretion, even outside any situation of force majeure and without the participants having any right of recourse towards VISITFLANDERS.

5.5 If a change or suspension of these contest rules occurs, VISITFLANDERS will clearly communicate a notification of this change or suspension.

Article 6: Personal data

6.1 VISITFLANDERS acts as a data controller when processing the personal data that the participant provides through his or her participation. This means that VISITFLANDERS will process these personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (also known as the 'GDPR').

6.2 VISITFLANDERS will use these personal data (only) to organize the participation in the contest. However, the participant can easily withdraw his or her consent at any time via the button provided at the bottom of the mailings.

6.3 VISITFLANDERS will keep the personal data provided by the participant for as long as necessary for organizing the contest or for achieving the processing objectives accepted by the participant, unless otherwise required by law.

6.4 With regard to personal data, each participant always has the right to:

  • withdraw all or part of the granted permission for the processing of personal data by withdrawing one, more or all specified preferences for receiving communication from VISITFLANDERS
  • submit a request for access to the personal data
  • submit a request for rectification of the personal data
  • submit a request to restrict the processing of personal data
  • submit a request for the complete deletion of the personal data
  • submit a request for data transfer (this means that the participant requests to transfer his or her data to himself or to another organization where required by law)
  • file a complaint with regard to the processing of the personal data.

6.5 For all requests for the exercise of the above rights, the participant can contact VISITFLANDERS by phone +32 (0) 2 504 03 00 or send an email to

The data protection officer of VISITFLANDERS can be reached by email at

In the absence of an amicable solution, the participant also has the right to file a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority (previously known as the "Privacy Commission"). For contact details, see the website

Article 7: Liability

7.1 VISITFLANDERS is not liable for direct or indirect damage that occurs in the context of participation in the competition, of whatever nature and by any cause, origin or consequences, even if it has been notified of the risk of such damage, including damage caused by:

  • an interruption or malfunction of the Internet or of the computer or mobile device of a participant or person or company involved in the organization of the contest or any other problem related to the telecommunication networks, the computers or servers, Internet providers, computer systems or computer programmes;
  • the use of the contest website, including any deviation or virus that could infect and / or damage the IT equipment or other goods of the participant.

7.2 VISITFLANDERS does everything to ensure that the contest runs smoothly, both technically and administratively. Should problems of any kind arise anyway, the participant releases VISITFLANDERS from all responsibility and the participant also waives any form of compensation.

7.3 If the contest should have to be ended as a result of the behavior of one of the participants, VISITFLANDERS reserves the right to claim compensation for the damage suffered.

7.4 VISITFLANDERS cannot be held liable for the use of the prize, nor the malfunction and / or implementation of the prize, nor any damage, be it directly or indirectly, caused because of the prize.

7.5 VISITFLANDERS always tries to deliver the prize to the winners within a reasonable period of time. VISITFLANDERS cannot, however, be held liable for any delay beyond its control.

7.6 With the exception of serious or deliberate faults, VISITFLANDERS, neither its staff nor any third party that it has used for the organization of the contest, can be held liable for any damage of any kind that may arise as a result of the participation in or of the organization of the competition, the indication of the winners and whether or not to award the prizes. The liability of the parties mentioned in this paragraph can under no circumstances be increased due to any change, suspension or termination of the competition, as stated in the previous paragraph.

Article 8: General Terms

8.1 In order to participate validly, neither the participation nor the content made may be hateful, offensive or negative towards VISITFLANDERS, the subject matter, the persons involved and his or her environment. VISITFLANDERS has the full right to refuse and remove responses.

8.2 By taking part in this contest, the participant accepts any decision taken by VISITFLANDERS and the jury in connection with the contest. No redress is possible against the decisions of VISITFLANDERS.

8.3 VISITFLANDERS supervises the correct course of the contest, the results of which are binding and irrevocable.

8.4 No correspondence will be conducted about the contest rules, the organization and / or the results of the competition (letter, e-mails and / or telephone conversations), neither during or after the contest.

8.5 For matters not provided for in these contest rules, VISITFLANDERS may take the necessary measures to ensure that the competition runs smoothly.

8.6 Individual notices in this regard form an integral part of the competition rules.

8.7 This contest and these rules are subject to Belgian law. The Dutch-speaking courts of the judicial district of Brussels have sole jurisdiction for all disputes that may arise in this regard.